Frequently Asked Questions

The Junior Collective was designed specifically for young entrepreneurs (we categorize this as someone who started their business before 25 years old - even if you are currently older than that). Hope and Reed both started their businesses in high school, but are currently in their 20’s! 

Of course! The membership is not age-restricted…and won’t kick you out once you reach a certain age, we promise :) But, the content in the membership will be intentionally created with young entrepreneurs in mind. 

Our heart behind TJC is to create a safe, approachable, valuable community of young entrepreneurs that WE wish we had back in the early years of our own businesses. Our content is not stuffy, our community isn’t on Facebook (who needs another FB group?), and Reed and I are truly by your side to support you on your journey. We can promise you that this isn’t like other memberships you are a part of…TJC is a family that is here to support you when you feel totally on your own. 

Absolutely! There are no monthly minimum requirements, and you can cancel your membership at any time without penalty. However, you will only have access to the content in the portal when you are an active, paying member (similar to Netflix or a gym membership). Canceling your membership will revoke your access to all content, coaching, and community elements of TJC. 

Absolutely! Being a member of The Junior Collective means you get access to “the vault” of all past content and coaching call recordings. This means you will have HOURS of content to consume right when you join. 

Not to worry! All calls are recorded and uploaded into your student portal, so you can watch and re-watch whenever you want! 

The Junior Collective is hosted on its own platform powered by Circle. This platform allows for the content, live calls, and community to all exist in one easy-to-use space. And, don’t worry - we give you a virtual tour in your first welcome video! 

We are happy to help, and we are always here to help you decide if TJC is a good investment for you. You can email us any time at

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